Author Topic: Symposium: Gothic Spectacle & Spectatorship - Deadline: 2019-03-29  (Read 397 times)


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Gothic Spectacle and Spectatorship
One day Symposium, June 1st, 2019, Lancaster University


From phantasmagoria to the horror film, spectacle is a core element of the Gothic mode. Gothic Spectacle and Spectatorship is an interdisciplinary symposium that seeks to explore viewer/performer relationship and the instability of these boundaries within the Gothic mode. The symposium aims to provide questions as to the nature and evolution of viewership and performance within the gothic. We welcome papers that creatively explore and interpret the theme of spectacle and spectatorship. Papers may discuss the nature of performance or engage in dialogues regarding viewership and the gaze in Gothic.

The conference is open to undergraduate, postgraduates and early-career researchers; those who wish to present joint papers or submit a panel abstract are welcome to do so. Abstracts should be no more than 300 words along with a 50-word bio note.

Abstracts should be sent to by 2019-03-29.

We welcome 20-minute papers on topics including, but not limited to:

contemporary TV and film
fashion and exhibition
Freak shows and exploitation exhibitions
Gaming (table top and digital)
Gender and performativity
Melodrama and the theatre
Readers as spectators
The carnivalesque and the monstrous
The horror viewer
The paranormal in constructed realities
The supernatural
voyerism and the gaze

In addition to conventional papers, we also invite creative papers such as those which feature performative elements or present work such as photography, audio-visual performances or creative writing pieces. Please note, if you are planning on a creative submission, please inform us of any logistical requirements for the piece.