Author Topic: CFP: Essays on Poe and Psychology - Abstract Deadline: 07/15/2017  (Read 306 times)


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Collection of Essays on Poe and Psychology

Deadline for Abstract packet: July 15, 2017
Deadline for submissions:  December 21, 2017
Full name / name of organization: Gerry Del Guercio
Contact email:

Poe’s understanding of the Human mind is one of the most complex structures in the American canon. It is difficult to understand each brain process as every human being possesses his/her own distinguished thought patterns with dissimilar complexity levels. A person’s behaviour deeply influences the  psyche, which ultimately alters into a habit by becoming entrenched into a person’s disposition. Today, the field of psychology tries to comprehend everything a mind is able to produce. On the other hand, years before Psychology became a field of thought and practiced professionally, a number of American authors threw a spotlight on the apparatus of the mind in their works. Leading this list is Edgar Allan Poe who appears to be enthusiastically conscious of the intricacies of the human mind and its impact on human behavior. Indeed, Poe’s knowledge on the human mind is evident his various literary pieces.

In sum, Edgar Allan Poe puts forward characters who suffer multifaceted mind problems including culpability, awkwardness, superstitions, vengeance, reverse psychology, and etc. Editor invites 250 word abstracts for a collection of essays on psychology in Poe already under contact with a major academic press. Importantly, the final essays will run from 20-25 pages (6000 words) in length, use MLA style in-text citation, and use the Mabbott edition of Poe. Deadline for abstracts is July 15, 2017 and finished papers are due on December 21, 2017. Please send resumes and abstracts to Thank you.
Michele Brittany