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[On Going] Aeternum Gothic Journal
« on: May 16, 2021, 05:08:05 PM »
Instructions for Aeternum Authors

Aeternum publishes English language articles of 40006000 words in length, and uses the author-date version of the Chicago Style referencing. Authors are required to follow this system for their final manuscripts (please see House Style below). All manuscripts should be submitted in electronic form in Word format.

All articles should be accompanied by an abstract of 200-250 words.

All abstracts should be followed by a maximum of five key words.

How to Submit

Please e-mail your finished articles to . Articles will go through the peer-review process to determine acceptance or rejection.


Aeternum does not allow the inclusion of images as part of its articles' publication.

House Style

For all citations and bibliographical references, Aeternum uses the author-date Chicago Style referencing system. Please refer to the General Guidelines for Chicago Style, as found here:


Authors should try to avoid the use of additional endnotes whenever possible.
If endnotes need to be included, these should be in standard numerals (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4) in the main text, and should not include bibliographical information.
In-text endnote numerals should be superscripted and placed outside the punctuation.
Font and Formatting

Book Antiqua, 11 point
Major section headings in bold
Lines to be spaced 1.5
For quotations, use double inverted commas rather than single.
Do not leave line breaks between paragraphs
Single space after full-stop.